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Какой прирост капитализации компании Apple может дать ee новая электронная книга?

Apple is going to begin ramping production on a to-be-announced tablet in February, implying a launch in late March or April, Oppenheimer analyst Yair Reiner said in a note to clients, citing «checks.» The tablet’s display will be a 10.1 inch multi-touch LCD screen, Reiner said. Apple has begun to reach out to book publishers to distribute their books with Apple getting 30% and publisher 70%, compared to Amazon’s  terms of 50-50. Reiner estimates the tablet could contribute 25 to 38 cents of incremental earnings per share per quarter.


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Wikipedia has only 25 full-time employees


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A Brand Is Born



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The Real Problem With The Economy Is That It Doesn’t Need You Anymore

Уроки кризиса: главная проблема в том, что экономике ты больше не нужен!


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Twitter Closing New Venture Round At $1 Billion Valuation

Fast growing startup Twitter will soon be joining a select group of startups with private venture round valuations of $1 billion, we’ve heard from multiple sources. CEO Evan Williams disclosed the round to employees at a recent all hands meeting.

The company will raise around $50 million, we’ve heard, although the final amount of the raise is apparently not yet locked down.

Twitter raised $35+ million earlier this year in a round led by Benchmark Capital and Institutional Venture Partners. That round valued the company at $250 million.

The company has raised a total of around $55 million to date, and sources tell us they have approximately $30 million left in the bank.

Update: A source tells us that New York based Insight Venture Partners is the primary investor in this round.


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